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If you want something serious with someone, you will have to resist the pleasures of meat with a lot of self-discipline, as the offer will be plentiful this year. The Tarot advice for Taurus in says that if you are compromised, you should avoid crushes that may arise this year. Do not give in to temptations or make plans for secret and withering relations. When you least expect it, it can burn you or turn you into a rock of ice. It is best that you materialize and solidify the relationship you are living now. If you are single and intend to remain single: play around. All eyes will be on you and your heart will surrender to one person… per month.

Earlier this year you may feel that your career is stagnant. But do not despair. Someone is about to leave the company or retire and you could move up. The key to success and being nominated for the job is to be calm and sparing; also not to change your mind abruptly, not to give controversial opinions, and to do your job as perfectly as possible. You will be rewarded for it. Stress, unfortunately, will haunt you this year.

It will be allied with the race against time that you will enter because of your finances and the heavy workload you will face. Facing such stressful times will require intense and regular exercise to channel all the adrenaline and relieve tension. Harmful habits related to your health could be enhanced in this period. It is an ideal cycle for leaving behind the things that harm your health and adopting new habits or anything that provides a renewal of energy. The second trimester will end with more focus on human relationship and the spiritual in order to improve your emotional health.

The third trimester in love will begin with the need to strengthen the emotional bonds with your partner and loved ones. You will rethink the emotional relationships in your family environment. The trimester will end with an increase in matters of the heart, romanticism, eroticism and motivation to establish new relationships or improve existing ones. With respect to work and finances, you will feel the need to reinforce self-esteem and self-confidence in order to connect with the best that the sign has to offer.

Know your strengths and your limits.

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The follower of Taurus will be more creative and clearly recognize their potential. This will lead to the positive development of projects and better teamwork. The followers of the sign will gain more respect in their jobs and build up momentum in financial projects. It is a good time for getting to know yourself and trying to improve your emotional health through personal or spiritual development therapy.

You will follow diets and treatments rigorously to improve your health. Your health will be enhanced, and you will recover quickly from diseases and discomforts. It is time to reconcile any grudges, make decisions in love situations and increase your confidence. It is a good time for two-person trips and for singles to look for love outside the place where they live. At work, those who have the position of boss will be comfortable, they will have innovative and successful ideas.

It will be a prosperous period for obtaining commercial agreements.

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There is a positive outlook in the economic and labor fields, but self-confidence will be fundamental. The followers of Taurus will be in good health at the beginning of the fourth quarter thanks to the presence of Mars in the VI House of the sign. You just need to be careful with stress. Your ability to channel energy to vitalize your physical state and reduce stress will improve. The year will end with good physical health, but with the need for personal reflection on changes and personal growth. The lunar eclipse in Leo, which will take place on January 21st and will touch the IV House of Taurus, indicates the need to finalize urgent home reforms or move to have more space.

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Since it is a lunar event in the IV House, it is also indicative of situations related to a relationship with a mother or a mother figure which must be resolved. The presence of Eros in the II House of Taurus can lead the sons and daughters of the bull to make unforeseen expenditures which seek to increase their comfort or sense of security.

You will learn to value your independence. Jupiter, along with the dwarf planet Ceres, will remain in the VIII House of Taurus, highlighting the importance of sharing experiences and resources with people from your immediate environment, particularly your family and partner. You must make way for responsibility if you want to build a steady base moving into the future. This can affect sleeping habits and cause intestinal disorders. The retrogradation of Mercury into the XI House of Taurus from March 5th to March 28th can create difficulties when interacting with your closest friends, especially those who have accompanied you since childhood or adolescence.

The entry of Venus into the X House of Taurus on March 1st indicates the possibility of finding important allies along your journey, in addition to a concept of success which suits your preferences.

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The Full Moon in the VI House of Taurus, which will happen on March 20th under the influence of the Libra sign, helps in the recognition of harmful patterns related to eating habits which must be addressed quickly. Eros, the asteroid of lust and desire, will remain in the IV House of the bull. This is an astral transit which is characterized by complacency towards your life partner, overindulging yourself or playing the victim with goal of getting attention.

The start of the retrogradation of Pluto and Saturn in the IX House of Taurus House April 24th and 29th respectively signals a deep revision of projects associated with international growth, specializations, publications and trips or moving abroad.

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Prudence and tact are advised in conversations with others and even with yourself. The New Moon will take place in the Taurus sign on May 4th, which represents the opening of a portal of renewal both internally and externally for these individuals. Lilith will enter the XII House of Aries on May 3rd which could provoke some nightmares and terrors at night, but also a strong refusal to repeat past mistakes without first considering what was learned from them.

Beware of evading reality. During the first half of June, the asteroid Eros will be located in the V House of Taurus, which can be interpreted as the enjoyment of romantic pleasure together with your life partner or a new love interest.

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The elders in the family will be impressed by your progress and love for the family. Being a Taurean, you want stability in your life and you will achieve it during this year if you try. Are you two meant to be, or should you check out the other fish in the sea? Respect your elders and seek their blessings. Horoscope is based on the geocentric conception of the universe and the Earth is therefore reflected in its center. You have to maintain an equilibrium between physical and emotional health throughout the year. Marriage Report.

Financial opening. After the downpour of economic opportunities you received in May, it is time to carefully choose the projects you will devote your energy and attention to, taking advantage of the New Moon in Gemini on June 3rd. The asteroid Vesta will enter the Taurus sign on June 9th, promoting a tendency to introspect among the followers of the sign.

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There will also be questions about the impact of your actions with respect to the environment. Although Jupiter continues in retrograde in this location, the dwarf planet will remind you of your interest in nurturing emotional bonds with people close to your heart. You cannot move forward unless you recognize your responsibilities and the source of your own personal power.

It is time to establish healthy limits. It is an excellent period for the natives of the sign who want to settle accounts with the past, either through therapeutic or spiritual consultations.

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The Venus Star Point Sun — Venus conjunction will take place on August 14th in the IV House of Taurus, an astral event that invites your to reveal your preconceived desires, fears and ideas regarding the concepts of home and family. This type of transit indicates ease for developing creative projects particularly in groups , and taking advantage of natural talents when it comes to professional functions or business ventures.

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Venus and Mars will be together in the V House of Taurus starting on August 21st, augmenting the fertility of the natives of the sign. The area of romance will be very active for both singles and couples of Taurus in the first half of September. There are good prospects for the sons and daughters of the Bull in September During the month of September, several planets including the Sun will be in transit over the VI House of Taurus, strengthening the physical state of the followers of the sign and benefiting those in the recovery process.

Likewise, they will not hesitate to take the initiative to present their ideas and projects.

The physical state of the sons and daughters of Taurus will not be a cause for concern during this time of the year. However, the presence of Mars in the VI House of the sign may lead to visible signs of stress and irritability related to workplace activities.

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This is a transit which is favorable for couples who want to take trips that provide greater intimacy or for singles who want to find love in distant lands. Interesting business opportunities will arise with your family or life partner. Although, Uranus in retrograde in Taurus will enhance the natural resistance to change of the follower of the sign.

The influence of Mercury will create greater receptivity towards proposals from other people. Jupiter will enter the IX House of the bull on December 2nd, marking a year of growth in everything related to publications, university studies, business or international moves and learning other languages.