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Scorpio Oct 24 - Nov 22 You will make your point of view known at work or in daily life. Take precautions to avoid falling ill. On the work front, you will have to prove yourself today. Scorpio Weekly Prediction. Sagittarius Nov 23 - Dec 21 Change your diet and relax, else you may battle exhaustion.

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Focus on your health. Friends and colleagues may help you out of a difficult situation. Sagittarius Weekly Prediction. Capricon Dec 22 - Jan 21 Discussions with financial experts will help start a new project. Family outings will bring happiness.

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It will be a pleasurable day with distant relatives. Capricon Weekly Prediction. Aquarius Jan 22 - Feb 19 You may face several distractions. Professional life may undergo an upheaval. A prolonged dispute will finally be settled. Keep your heart open as a romantic relationship may grow into a lifelong bond.

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Pisces Feb 20 - Mar 20 Keep your cool in domestic matters. You may strengthen your bond with that special someone. There will be a tendency towards lethargy which may manifest as apathy. Low energy can be a theme. You must avoid tying yourself to options, responsibilities or answers, just let yourself float and be and trust that things will develop and come in their own time. When you are feeling better, you can then take action, but now is not that time.

You may accrue an unexpected source of money which will be very welcomed and appreciated and you will be very respected in wider society. You will achieve what you set out to, just give it time. The spiritual world always calls to water signs and Pisces natives are possibly the most spiritual of all. This is such a healing and nourishing realm for you and should be visited often.

Your attitude towards the end of the week is calm and composed.

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Surrender to life and see what it brings. And just in case you're not paying attention, they will become a bit more aggressive to let you know they're interested in getting closer before the end of the month. Pay better attention! Most Stressful Days: 8,9,10,16,17,22, Aquarius: Be prepared to have visitors! The planets indicate that someone will be arriving in your area soon and opening your doors of hospitality feels right. The full Moon brings all sorts of unexpected friends and family your way.

If you're in the mood for good company, brace yourself…a pleasant someone is headed in your direction!

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Best Days: 3,4,5,13,14,22, Most Stressful Days: 11,12,18,19,24, Pisces: You can have the most charming conversations around the full Moon. For some reason people find you enchanting and enjoy having you around. This is an excellent time to make new friends or join a group of people who have similar interest. Make it a point to meet lots of new people and see what exciting situations develop.

Best Days: 6,7,17,24, Most Stressful Days: 13,14,20,21,26, Aries: Situations are touchy in romance this month! You're a person of deep emotions and very little conversation as war-planet Mars oversees your love life. You'll watch carefully how you're being treated and will have an abrupt, not so gentle reaction to matters if they are not right. Very little patience will be given to anyone who mistreats your feelings…and if they don't like it…too bad!

Taurus: You could lose your patience when it comes to romance this month. You need a person who can keep up with you physically and mentally. Energy-planet Mars allows you to attract someone who meets both these requirements, and if you're in a current situation, making a few suggestions to your loved one bring positive results. Ask for what you want! Gemini: Avoid being too pushy with your coworkers this month. The desire to make progress creates irritability and impatience with those who might be in the way of your success.

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Be mindful of your actions and tactful with your conversations. Major issues explode with someone who is threatened by your focus. Move quietly and stay away from unnecessary problems.

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Cancer: A more assertive attitude is powerful in romance! Not indicating to that. Speaking on what bring you joy makes an enormous difference in how you feel in romance. Go ahead and enlighten your love with a few suggestions and get what you want! Leo: Pay attention to the needs of your body.

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The change of season might have brought on a few unexpected changes physically. Don't ignore the aches and pains if you have any. The planets suggest that more care is required to keep you functioning well. A visit to your doctor or acupuncturist can be what is needed to keep you in great shape and feeling good.

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Virgo: Think before you speak! The Mercury RX cautions you to be mindful of your conversations. And with 'war' planet Mars also in your communication sector frictions between you and others can ignite quickly.

With so much cosmic assistance the answers to your issues are not far away! Libra: Be more picky with your social behavior this month. In spite of certain people insisting to be in your company doesn't mean you have to comply. How you feel about your self worth makes a big deal about who you share your energy with. Draw the line on wasting your time on those who don't add anything to your mental wellness. You can be bored by yourself! Scorpio: An incredible amount of energy embraces you mid month. You'll be prepared to make powerful moves before the end of the year and get the results you're looking for.

Surround yourself with people who you agree with and push towards accomplishment. Sagittarius: The annoyances of others can be a down fall. Your temper will be tested as you interact with people who are cold and careless. Removing yourself away from potential stressful is a good decision. With 'war' planet Mars in your 'secrets' sector, controlling negative energy and gaining strength over your enemies is powerful. Capricorn: Gatherings with friends go well! People you haven't seen for a while are real interested in finding out what you've been doing.

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Your Astrology King weekly horoscope and Tarot comes out by Saturday every week. Aquarius Weekly Horoscope Aquarius · Pisces Weekly Horoscope Pisces am – Mars square Saturn from Thursday to next Wednesday brings the potential for frustration and inhibition. Wednesday October 2 days ago Horoscope News: Aries In the starting of the week, you will be under Numerology & Tarot · Religious Places · Others. +. NEWS; /; ASTROLOGY; /; HOROSCOPE. Weekly Horoscope, November , Check predictions for all .. Pisces In the beginning of the week, you will be blessed by positive.

If there is someone you need to be in touch with, don't think twice about reaching out to make a connection! Aquarius: Stay away from drama on the job this month. A nasty disagreement between you and a coworker can upset the energy at work. The power of aggression will work against you, if you're not careful.

Handle everything with a calm head until things cool off. You'll soon discover that the situation wasn't worth your attention in the first place. Pisces: Your brain cells are amazing this month! This is an ideal time to study for a test, focus on getting better grades if in school, or focusing on some self study. Doing research proves to be successful. You'll discover tat information will surface quickly. Engaging in conversations with experts or people in the know also provides necessary knowledge.

You're extremely mentally aware. On this card is depicted a kneeling figure looking down at its own reflection in a pool of water.

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Over head is a bright star that radiate beams of starlight upon the figure. There are mountains in the background with the Egyptian bird, the ibis flying over head. The ibis is sacred to Thoth, the Egyptian deity of higher wisdom. It is also a 'fisher' bird, a bird that draws fish from the water.

The bird represents 'fishing for a higher way of thinking' and the star light shows things the way there are…a person seeking truth. Numerically the number 8 is ruled by Mercury, the planet of mental activities, thinking and communication. The 'Action To Take' this month is to take time to think and sort out recent decisions.